Are you happy now?


-Are you happy now?
You shameless son of Adam,
That the poor female you passed with fifty,
The one you defiled without mercy,
Now lies broken on an hospital bed?
-Are you happy now?
That her fiance doesn’t look her the same,
After discovering her hymen wasn’t in place,
And her mother-in-law calls her names?
-Are you happy now?
That that teenage girl,
Now writes about her demons because she can’t seem to speak the words,
Without choking on unburied crumbs of the past?,
-Are you happy now?
You vile daughter of Eve,
The boy you assured it wasn’t wrong,
Now serves as an escort to please,
-Are you happy now?
That he tears his skin to feel something other than bitterness,
And covers his scars with flirty smiles?
-Are you happy now,
That he is forced to grow up too fast,
That he knows what others didn’t at fifteen,
That he is disgusted with himself and has taken a life of despair?
-Are you happy now?
That they live a life of horror,
While you trail the street, a free man,
And they fight a never ending battle?
-Are you happy now?
That they stand at the edges of bridges,
Staring deep at the inviting arms of death,
Contemplating the thought of sinking into oblivion?
-Are you happy now?
That these people you all broke, punctured, pushed, played, tore,
Fight to be more humane, more,
Than what you all reduced them to?

Are you happy now?

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Wake up to a splash of imperfection on my face,
Don’t bother listening to the looking glass, I know what it’ll say,
A little small on both edges,
Lanky with lots of smudges,
See I’d wonder why I was made a woman,
Other friends got assets,plenty of those,
I could wrack that waist, cross those legs,
But we know I’m just skin on bones,
And it hurts more when they say,
“Try those foams and please gain some weight”,
In this, I am not alone,
There are other girls who’s chorused my ode,
“Why punish me this way?
Why make me half the woman I’d be
Why don’t you just make me a man,
Why punish me this way?”
This is my big ‘Goodbye’,
Cause those days are over,
I’m made to see my peculiarity,
I’d rather be a Queen than some wannabe,
So here’s to other girls,
With problems bigger than their derriere,
We could be better off as men,
But we’re not,
Nothing we can do about it,
But flaunt what we’ve got till we drop,
Now no more tears,
Or asking why we’re being punished this way,
No more asking to make us men,
We’re fine with the women we are,

No more crying nor regret,
We’re much better off without the fears,
No more asking to make us men,
No more being someone who we aren’t.


Here’s to ladies and everyone who feel they would be better off being someone else. You are fine the way you are!

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To Angels Who Die.
Mera stared, inanimate, into the cheap plastic mirror hanging on the filthy bathroom walls. Her face placid, the kind a corpse in the morgue fashioned without choice. For a fleeting moment, her eyes riveted to the bag before her. It was heavily pregnant and the big fat wads of children peeked through the open zipper.
Her face was sweaty, hair sticking in all directions, lips swollen from constant biting, scratches on her arms and neck and yet… She felt nothing.
Funny how they called her ‘Angel’ knowing she was far from being one for The beautiful creatures with wings were known as pure and faithful and she was lacking in both departments. One had went on ahead to deem her a goddess. She scoffed. Their words fell like egg shells on stony ground. Empty, baseless and filled with bull.
Only one had spoken without vanity. Only one called her ‘Angel’ and would’ve made her a believer of the wicked fingers of life hadn’t kept poking her with reality.
He spoke about her lofty wings and how he sought refuge in their loving width. He talked on and on, how her eyes blazed with fire, such innocence and desire that made him weak in the knees. He wrote her letters, poems, quotes, Anything! Assuring and Reminding that he was there to stay.
But like all good things, a price was to be paid. Ed spoke the truth when he said “the worst things in life comes free to us”.
To be his Angel she had to shake hands with the Devil and dine at his table.
The last he wrote was still warm and fresh like early morning bean cake, locked in some safe in her brain. But the words made tears crumble like oil wasn’t enough and the beans were fake.
…”To Angels who die”…
Her heart froze like the cold harmattan outside the walls and tore like the cut on her lips reminding her that she wasn’t worthy of the woman he dreamed to be with.
©Miriel Oye.

“No heart, No brain, No pain.

She giggled loudly. Maybe a little too loud, since it rang heavily in the little apartment. The alcohol was probably dicing her liver with joy now.

Her neighbor wasn’t any better; he kept mumbling about some girl named Alice who had stomped his heart in fifth grade.

“And… And now. Leah. Leah gone too. Left. Always leave. Everyone.” he gibbered, searching blindly for another can of beer.

This time she laughed obnoxiously.

Her brain had lost the wheel.

“Bad? That not bad! Wait… (hiccup) see. Watch me. Eddie. Bastard! Him… My sister. Played us! Played us all!”

The topic wasn’t exactly positive, but she laughed anyways. Even when the traitor tears rolled down and she choked on painful memories, she laughed anyways.

“S’not talk’bout them anymore. Please.” he groaned clutching his head, lowering himself more into the sofa. “Stupid, darned beating heart. When. It stop?” He was clearly beyond stupor. But she was the only one who seemed to understand. Perhaps because she was drunk too. Or because she was going through similar pain. Or because she was just there. And no one ever stayed.

She squinted at him. Then giggled again.

“You three! Three you! Three heads on the sofa!” then she patted her laps laughing like a maniac.

“No no no no. You drunk! I’m no Cerberus. Cerberus three heads. Me no Cerberus. Me… A fish. Yes fish.” he nodded like he muttered something intelligible.

“Jelly Fish.”


“I wish…. Let’s be Jelly Fish. No heart. No pain. No brain. No thinking’bout them. No blood…. Ehhh, who need it?” she explained chugging another can.

“Yeeeeeaaaahh. Let’s be Jelly. Fish. We’ll…last that waaa” he fell asleep then. Sprawled on her sofa. She stayed awake for a while staring at him, missing in agreement. She would better off as a Jelly fish. Dark and hostile. Like a robot. Like a Jelly fish.

“No heart, No brain, No pain. No pain.” she sang herself to sleep.

©Miriel Oyesanya


How’s this? I’m trying something new.


Title; We survivors
Author; ljthomas
“A story from after the end”
More than your average post apocalyptic novel. Ljthomas brings the god complex to human setting. The end of the world has passed and there are survivors. The plan to completely wipe out the human race seemed to have failed, at least to Nadia, Jake, Coby and Zara.
But after a few discoveries and snooping around (There’s not much humans to steal from anyways). They find out their origin. The reason why they had survived while others didn’t. The reason why they all had the same birthdays. The reason why they didn’t react to radioactivity.
One man. A scientist. A creator.
Peter Winthrop.
But it all didn’t stop at knowing why as Peter has other tricks hidden in his bizzarre yellow protection suit. Tricks that cost the world and the lives of innocent humans. He is eventually killed by the work of his hands but not after playing the last card that could be the end of Nadia and her kind.
A very enthralling book with the right amount of science and romance. Keeps you hooked till the end. (Hehe)
So if you would love to read the book for FREE, click Here

Rated; ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
4 out of 5 stars.


To read the book mentioned above, click Here

The  Demons We Love is a one chapter book on wattpad that centers on the injustice women face all over the world. It’s not some lengthy article that’ll bore you to death. It’s actually a story about a woman’s life. So why don’t y’all give it a try. Don’t forget to vote and comment either so you can let us know what you think.



             Selfishness was common among the pariah girls. And so was the inordinate desire to hit people on the face. At least that was how the morning on campus looked like.
Tania took her place by a lecture room, early as always. But this time it wasn’t her lecture room. She stood there dressed in ripped jeans and an Ankara shirt awaiting the victim as well as culprit. Or the culprit as well as victim. However it was, the moment she spotted David, she charged towards him like a determined mad woman and launched a pretty good punch at his face.
“That is for calling me a birch! And for making me look bad on media you bastard! I’m so glad I dumped your stupid ass.” she spat at him before storming off drawing curious eyes on the path she walked as well as on her backside.
Bethany was second.
She and her group were dressed in the same colour as usual and it seemed they were Devils today. The black and red theme had never looked creepier.  They surrounded Ademide’s car the moment it parked on campus grounds like a bunch if hooligans, even the object of target flinched in fear when he stepped out. He watched the Queen stalk towards him and twacked his face with her palm.
“What the hell?!” he hissed eyes wide.
“You frigging cheat! How dare you cheat on me and then blame it all on me? Are you insane?!”
“Yeah, Are you insane?!” all her cronies repeated as if it was some choreography they’d rehearsed.
“You guys creep me out.” he replied, his lips snarled in anger and disgust and that earned him another slap and an hair whip in the face as she turned to leave.

The third was Jennifer.
She had sobbed her way to Chucks truck. Eyes puffy and mascara running down her cheeks staining her pink floral dress.
“Damn if you knew you were going to cry, why use that thing after all?” Chucks cussed as she came nearer stomping his cigarette.
“Chucks?” her voice was low, soft, mellow and had a tinge of an edge to it.
“What do you want Jenny?” he muttered staring any where at her. One look into those doll eyes and he was sure to fall all over again.
“I…I had a cold that day you know? When you left me under that rain. And I had to stay in bed for a week!” she reported.
He rolled his eyes, taking soft sighs.
“So this-” she gave him a hard slap on the face, her strength surprising him. “Is for making me miserable that day and now!” she yelled then took off crying.

            And then there were four.
A chewing gum danced between Veronica’s teeth as she approached Jamison’s gym. Wasted no time barging in, ignoring the Coach’s disapproving look and marched up to him.
“You’re going to hit me aren’t-” he couldn’t finish. Her hands had kissed his face and her nails had scratches him. Then she made sure to say really really loud before everyone present
“How’s your dad’s postrate gland? Better? Best to go for a checkup too y’know? You might’ve caught something. The lord knows how tiny your tool is.”

         ChiChi happened fifth. Looking well dressed for the occasion.
An extremely low crop top that could pass for a bikini and a mini-skirt paired with stockings – looking dangerously hot and deadly. She walked over to Jeremy and made sure the ring on her finger cut his flesh when she smacked his neck. – she had wanted to hit his face but he’d dodged.
“I’m a slut uh? You dare call me a slut in front of everyone huh?”
“Is it surprising? You know what you are Chioma. Everybody knows.” He hissed in pain searching for something in his pocket.
“Well since you knew, Dear Jeremy,” her voice an octave lower- seductive. “Why did you come to me then?” her hands toyed with his jacket as her green eyes flashed.
He looked helpless, weak maybe. He stared at her tongue tied as a war began between his emotions and logic reasoning. His breath snagged as she leaned up slow, her lips to his ear.
“I own you Jeremy. Remember that!” she whispered. “And I’ll make you pay for those things you said.”
Then she shoved him against the wall and strutted away leaving and angrily flustered Jeremy behind.

             Deli Omotosho stumbled into campus soon after that.
A complete mess.
Her weave-on in an untangled mess. She had no makeup on and the hung over look in her face testified that last night was loaded- with alcohol. 
With hooded eyes, she scanned the area for any of her stupid exes. And there stood Uche in all his glory, a few meters away. To tired to approach, she threw her purse at his face hard, relished how stunned he looked, gave him the middle finger and walked away forgetting about the  existence of the purse.

                Adrianna, however, was extreme.
She’d bashed Usman’s car repeatedly with a baseball bat, then proceeded to leave him balless. He was currently in the health care unit.

                “Okay wow! Anna or whatever your name is, that was pretty extreme.” Jenny muttered as she adjusted her makeup.
“It’s a good thing I don’t care what you think sweet cheeks.” she replied giving a sickly sweet smile. “Bethany, please do explain why I’m here in  the girls bathroom with ya’ll birches when I could be having lunch?”
“Guess Ussie wasn’t lying when he mentioned the ‘I’ thing.” Chi Chi muttered eyeing Adriana scornfully which the latter matched.
“Ladies! We’re not here to argue okay? We’re all victims in this case. We should be helping each other.” Bethany urged.
They all stared at her weirdly.
“Help? What the freaky nicky are you talking about?”
“Duh! I’m talking about this! Everything! We’ve been declared out of bounds. Abominable! Sterile! Useless! Un-dated!”
“I’m surprised you know these words. And un-dated isn’t a word.”
“Oh shut it Tania! This is serious! Can’t you all see it?”
There was a pause for a while before Deli spoke up dragging herself to the door.
“I’m outta here.”
“Bethany, it’s just another post. Hey they’ve said something meany weany about us. Big deal! It’s not the first, certainly won’t be the last. Give it till the end of the year and all this would’ve passed. We’ll all resume our normal lives.” Chioma replied stepping out of the bathroom.
“A year’s too long. A month I say and we’ll all forget this happened.” Tania added leaving too.
“It’s all in your head fancy pants.” Adrianna scorned re-applying her lipstick then patted her on the head.
“We’ll  all be back to our normal lives soon.”
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Entry #2

It’s nice to see a fellow wattpader’s blog


September 17, Thursday


Nothing much has happened between yesterday and today. 😐

Like I said, my life isn’t very interesting.

The only thing though is that I have to find somewhere to keep you safe from the the eyes 👀 of a certain little girl.


School resumes in a few days and mommy has been shouting at me to finish my holiday assignment. She doesn’t know that me I want to go and copy from someone in school. Especially this maths and Home Econs assignment.  I told her I had finished it so that means that I can’t do anything called assignment at home again.

I can’t wait for school to start so I can show Ugochi my new phone. It is a pako phone. Chinco. China phone but it plays music very loud. I will have to smuggle it in because phones are contraband in my school…

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My Titanium Walls!


In times past, I’ve raised them up

They never last, they crumble from the top

It’ll always blast, till I solve the flop

My walls!

No mor, I say. Not anymore though

I’ve laid it’s foundations so well, so

Nothing can ever again bring it down low

My walls!

Those also don’t seem enough

I’ve built it up with an element so tough

Nothing can mess it, no matter how rough

My walls!

Oh, my walls!

It’s been built up high

Indestructible my friend, I do not lie

Try to dare, you’ll see with your eyes

My titanium walls!

Oh, my walls!

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New Book series

I’m really sorry guys but COACT is on hold. Any who here is the prologue of a new book series that I hope to FINISH. 


            A guy ran through the mass of students threading towards the hall entrance. Not like there weren’t others doing the same but he stood out.
He wasn’t running to beat the time.
“Jeremy! Jeremy you ass, you’ve got to see this!” he yelled startling everyone in his lecture room when he charged into the room. Eddie was a sight to behold- sweaty and panting.
“Dude! You look like you experienced cloud nine in sweats.” Jeremy remarked, giving his friend a once over as he relaxed in his chair- as much as he could. His huge body looked like a balloon squeezed in socks.
“Oh shut it!” The latter muttered trotting towards a seat beside Jeremy.
“So what’s got you all riled up?” His friend asked trying to face him but to no avail. “These seats are so frigging small!”
“It wouldn’t be if you weren’t so large.”
“You shut up and show me the darn thing!”
“Oh right!” Eddie reached from his phone. “Anonymous has dropped another post and it is hot hot hot!”
“Seriously? Dude, that guy writes about the weirdest things.” Jeremy replied trying to look into Eddie’s phone and ended up in an awkward position.
“Hmm-hmm, I guess you don’t want juicy gossip on your exey.”
Jeremy shifted sighing. A small pang of pain, either from the memory of his ex, or from his awkward position on the uncomfortable chair, drifted through him.
“Then you hafta read this!” Eddie grinned shoving his phone into his friends hands.

                Girls you DO NOT WANT TO DATE on campus.  

          It’s a beautiful morning people and we do not want anything to soil it. Not even self proclaimed birches. Sure our great campus is a breeding site for relationships and stuff like that. But here are top seven girls you do not want to date.

First girl you do not want to date; Chioma Edwards!

        Chi Chi is the absolute definition of sexiness. Or Aphrodite her self. With the long chocolate hair, rare grey eyes and that hourglass figure,  I must confess, I had once being a fan of that body one time. But all that ends when you know exactly who she is.
        The campus diva knows what she wants and what she wants are rich old men. And a few youngsters as a side dish.
          “I used to admire that she was confident until when I found out she was a gold digging slut. Birch had been sleeping with my bestfriend!” Jeremy.
           “I was a lonely nerd and I liked it that way. Sure I had fantasies about us together but they were supposed to remain that way. Imagine my surprise when the hot Chi Chi asked me to date her. Then I found out why, a month after we started dating. She wanted to get close to my father since he was, in her own words, “Foreign and filthy rich.” Curse that birch!”- Romano

         So many have tried taping that ass as theirs and failed. Guess there’s no claiming a public property. 😂. A piece of advice to her exes, best to go for a medical check up. You might have gotten something.
Second Girl you do not want to date; Bethany Okafor.
         We all know the ‘great’ Betty needs her cronies to survive in life. Guys who have tried now testifies. (see what I did there😁).
          “You date Bethany, you date her whole clique.”- Her last Boyfriend Marcus.
           “And her girl friends hang like everywhere. There’s only so much a guy can take. And when you pay attention to one if them, you find out you’ve failed some ultimate test.” –Ademide
            “Then one day you’ll wake up to her complaining about how one of her friends think you’re sense of fashion is “sooo last year”, or her asking how to comfort her guy friend who just got dumped. WTF?”-Dare.
        Go on ahead if you’re one for insecure clique queens. Heard she’s still single.
Third girl you do not want to date; Jennifer Williams.
           Jennifer is the so so sweet girl, and could easily pass for a ray of sunshine. Add to the fact that she is cute when she cries for help, gives those puppy eyes and makes you feel like a hero. It sure increases a man’s ego and sometimes libido when he plays knight in shining armor for a damsel in distress.
           That is till she becomes a leech and expects you to do practically everything for her.
From homework,  doing dishes, to fixing a broken window and her broken family. On one Saturday, she came to my hostel and ‘demanded’ I wash her underwear cause she had a blister and I oh so love her. Gross! I made sure to dump her under the rain if it’s any consolation.” Bad boy Chucks.
           “She expects you to drop everything and rush to her immediately, when she calls. Sure she makes you feel like you’re everything in the world, but it’s irritating and annoying when she calls everytime she has a nightmare. One time I refused, she called me insensitive and selfish. Gave it up immediately, I cannot come and kill myself.” –Olayemi.
      Except if part of your hero complex accepts washing of the nether world😂 and becoming a manservant, You do not want a Jennifer on your case.

Fourth Girl you do not want to date; Deli Omtosho.
            Guys certainly love a girl who can drop it low, party like crazy and take shots than a pirate. Deli also known as Delicioso is definitely that cool laid girl every guy wants to claim.
     Unless she’s that way only when she’s in contact with alcohol.
        “Deli is very awkward when the morning after comes. It’s hard to converse with her when there is no alcohol.” –Steven
        “It’s very hard to keep up with her. One minute she’s all wild and playful, next she’s like an invalid. So freaking shallow.” –Hameed.
           “Our dates are always parties and we end up drunk. It seems the relationship feels normal only when we’re wasted and she’s wearing a tank top. Don’t know bout other guys, but I have feelings and emotions. Don’t think I want to spend my life with a girl I’ll have to get drunk with before I can actually have a good time with her.”- Uche.
          Now if you’re down for crazy nights and awkward morning afters every single day if your relationship, then Deli is desperately available. Hears she’s being keeping a flask of vodka in her purse for courage. 😉. Moving on;
Fifth Girl you do not want to date; Veronica Manasseh.
             Damn! That girl’s mouth is as loose as AF. She keeps no secret. Such a turn off for her killer body. She has an opinion on virtually everything and doesn’t know the things that are meant to stay hidden. We all know she’s the campus BBC.
         “Going on a date with her is unbearable. Sometimes I wonder, are we here to spend time together or talk about the dating part of the school population?”-Kelechi.
          “While we dated, I practically knew everything about her friends. Down to their favorite color of lingerie. And I didn’t even last a week.”- Jamison
            “She practically told every one on campus that I wasn’t packed and had no stamina while in business. I was so mad, I had to switch campus.”- Ex student whose name we shall cover.
           If you’re a fan of the radio, then you can go on ahead. She’s as free as a bird. Just don’t slip up and tell her your family secret or you’ll make the head lines.
Sixth girl you do not want to date; Adrianna Daluwon.
         Badass, saucy, savvy, sexy, alluring.  Girls like Adrianna are hard to come by. She can voice out anything on her mind, start and continue a conversation like a pro and impress your friends like mad.
      “Until she begins to tell you not to dispute with her cause she’s always right. And how she’s a female and should hold the power in the relationship.” – Fayo.
          “She makes everything about her. Demands that you tell her she’s beautiful everyday. And she complains a lot in that stupid accent of hers, *you’re going to the stadium? What about me? YIU have to take me to the spa?* *you’re with your friends? Then you have no time for me.*
      I need to do this, I need to do  that… She uses the ‘I’  so much, it’s like others don’t exist. Selfish Birch.”-Usman.
           Sure she can be confident and sexy, but who would want to date a narcissist? Lord knows we men have enough already.

Seventh Girl you do not want to date; Tania Adelakun.
             Saving the best for the last or shall I say worst!
       Tania is a rarity, exotic. II can be such a turn on when you see her at the library, hair in ponytail, glasses perched on the aristocratic nose, and mouth biting a pencil head like no tomorrow. She works as hard as ever, have goals and dreams that must and will be met! And of course she lives her boyfriend dearly(She even picks the clothes he wears). She’s the type that would impress yo mama. And then your momma pulls you to the side and say “Never give her up.”
        No problem because she’ll give you up first.
          “Tania has dreams and will do anything to achieve them! And she expects you to do the same too. Such a control freak. One time she planned every five minutes of my life!”- Gideon
           “And when you fall short of what she requires of you, she’ll drop you off like hot potato. Told me I’d slow her ass down.”- Martins
              “Besides she prefers to date the top dogs. The big sharks. So if you aren’t a key to her ambitions, then help yourself get lost from her sight. That Birch knows no face.” –David.

           There you have it folks. The seven deadlies you do not want to date. Sure they are widely known and highly respected on campus, these girls can ruin your career and heart (if you’re the emotional kind).
           This is your one and only Anonymous!
                 Thank me later😉😎😋

What do y’all think about it?

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